David Valicenti began making pasta and cooking as a young boy, learning from his family, and eventually becoming a chef.  He honed his culinary skills in Boston and then New Orleans at renowned restaurant Arnaud's in the French Quarter and Martinique uptown.  Dave moved back to his hometown Hollis, New Hampshire with plans to open a restaurant of his own - but his planned changed unexpectedly.

Dave started making his own tomato sauce from the tomatoes he grew in the fields behind his family's home and selling it at farmers' markets in the Boston area.  This sauce is now famously called "Red Gravy" and is sold along with fresh pasta and assorted gourmet ravioli at stores and farmers' markets all around the New England area.



Valicenti Pasta Farm is a small company made up of a small group of people who work to make beautiful fresh pasta, unique ravioli varieties, and small batch sauces.  We have 10 acres of fields and a green house where we grow anything from tomatoes to eggplant, butternut squash to sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts to herbs, and many other crops we use to make our products.  We partner with small and local farms to source what we don't grow ourselves.  We make and package everything in our commercial kitchen inside our red barn.  We use only natural ingredients - no preservatives, no hormones, and nothing artificial.  Everything is made in small batches so we know each batch is just right.  We work hard so you can enjoy the fruits of our labor...well pasta in our case.

When will Valicenti Pasta Farm be at the Farmers Market?
Every Saturday, all season long!