Allison, owner and founder of O.W.L. Energy Bar, grew up eating her mother's "no bake" granola bars - the perfect snack for any part of the day. As an avid mountain girl, Allison is often backcountry skiing, hiking, or mountain biking. She was looking for the perfect energy bar that would give her that extra boost of energy - and still be good for you.

Made in Vermont, O.W.L Bars have no chemicals, additives, fillers, flavorings, or preservatives. They are also do not include eggs, dairy, or wheat. What's left is just the delicious flavor. 

OWL Bars are designed for anyone looking for a healthy snack - original, wholesome, and local.

When will O.W.L. Energy Bar be at the Farmers Market?
May 20, June 3, June 17, July 1, July 15, August 5