Hutchins Farm is one of the oldest and largest certified organic vegetable and fruit farm in Massachusetts. Organic since 1973, every season Hutchins actively cultivates over thirty-five (35) acres of vegetables, about an acre of small fruit, and ten (10) acres of apples.

Owned and operated by the same family since 1895, Hutchins Farm is located in Concord, MA with the main farm spanning over sixty-three (63) acres. The current Hutchins Farm crew is working hard to provide its customers with the very finest fruits and vegetables, produced sanely and safely with respect for its land, its employees, and its customers’ health.

Come to the market and find Hutchins Farm's delicious, organic produce. Then make a visit to Concord to check out its farmstand. Open in June!

When will Hutchins be at the Farmers Market?
Every Saturday, all season long!