Brianna's Handmade Soaps are crafted in small batches in Arlington, MA. The soaps are 100% vegan and free of synthetic fragrances and dyes.

The soaps are made out of organic olive oil, organic sustainably-sourced palm oil, and organic coconut oil.  Olive oil is used for a moisturizing quality, palm oil for a rich lather, and coconut oil for cleansing strength.  Essential oils and plant-based special ingredients are then added for their healing and calming properties. Unlike most handmade soap, Brianna's Handmade Soaps are long-lasting and washes away cleanly due to the precise ratio of oils used in each recipe.  After use, skin is left moisturized, silky and clean.

Treat yourself to Brianna's Handmade Soaps and your skin will be sure to thank you for it.

When is Brianna's Handmade Soap at the Farmers Market?
September 23, October 28

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