photo cred: north shore emporium

photo cred: north shore emporium


Beverly Bees is run and operated by Anita Deeley, a beekeeper and honeybee aficionado. She started out with only a single honeybee hive on her rooftop and now maintains approximately thirty (30) hives!

She is full of love and enthusiasm when it comes to her bees and shares her beekeeping knowledge with other enthusiasts, through her website and blog. From How-To's for Beginners to Treatment-Free Beekeeping, Anita has all the answers. She also rescues wayward bee swarms and removes unwanted honeybee hives from houses throughout Massachusetts.

When she is not rescuing the bees, Anita is selling honey from her hives, beexwax candles, lip balms, and lotions at the farmers market. Check out her table and learn more about beekeeping!

When is Beverly Bees at the Farmers Market?
May 13, June 10, September 9, October 14, November 11

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