Project Description:

This year’s Fluff Festival, “FluffCentennial: Inspiring the Next Century of Union Square Invention” is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the invention of Fluff.   As this is a very special year, Union Square Main Streets is holding a contest to find just the right design to be used on promotional sale items, all social media and collateral materials.

To find the most inventive, innovative, fun and funky design that conveys our theme in a compelling way, we are holding a contest.  We will be sending out this RFP far and wide to solicit competitors.

The winner will receive extensive recognition through traditional press, social media, on our Fluff Festival webpage and on select Fluff materials, as well as a small honorarium.

1. Background / Overview:

What the Fluff: A Tribute to Union Square Invention

The Fluff Festival has a dedicated following of approximately 15,000 enthusiasts from its location in Union Square in Somerville to throughout the Greater Boston area and beyond. Every year, attendees come for this fun, edgy, and lively event that offers something for every age, with games, live music, food, crafts, and more. Festival attendees range from visitors of all backgrounds, to students, to families with young and older children, to those who are simply looking forward to this year’s attractions. The annually changing “What the Fluff” t-shirts have become collector’s items, and people stand in long lines to purchase them.  This year with this very special centennial celebration, the Festival promises to be the best ever.

The Fluff Festival will take place on Saturday, September 23, 2015 (raindate Sunday, 9/24) from 3 to 7 pm and will include the following features:

  • The Shenanigans stage, where our local Archibald Query (the inventor of Fluff) impersonator oversees wild and messy games
  • The Midway area with games for school age children and fun prizes
  • The Knucklebones area with interactive play for preschool children
  • The Main Stage with music from prominent local bands and performances by the Rogue Burlesque Flufferettes
  • Over forty (40) food and craft vendors, most Fluff inspired
  • A Cooking Contest for Fluff recipes
  • The Roaming Railroad train
  • Our Fluff t-shirts for 2017 with other sales items

This year’s theme, "FluffCentennial", Inspiring the Next Century of Union Square Invention”, will celebrate not only the 100th anniversary of the invention of Fluff, but also the fact that, 100 years later, Union Square is again a hub of invention and innovation.

2. Focus: What's the most important thing to say or show?

Our goal is to create an iconic image that communicates through posters, t-shirts, stickers etc.  The graphics created should incorporate this year’s theme of "FluffCentennial, Inspiring the Next Century of Union Square Invention “, clearly capture the fun, wacky and unique spirit and excitement of the Festival, include our iconic Fluff image, and communicate the spirit of Union Square.

This is a neighborhood feel-good event.  It has lots of fun for every age and for a variety of interests.  The Festival has an engaging and wacky feel to it.  It really communicates the elements of local ownership, diversity, close community, and invention, creation and innovation that is so unique to Union Square and Somerville.

Avoid photographs and direct likeness of the Fluff branding. Keep it simple as we will be using simple production methods so please keep this in mind.

3. Design Criteria:

Your design must...

  • Be acceptable and appealing for all ages, including infants and children.
  • Be adaptable (size and color) to fit all materials, including:
    • S-XL shirts (roughly 8.5 inches wide) and for infant/children
    • Posters (11 x17 and 8.5x11)
    • Program Book
  • Be limited to four (4) colors or less
  • Be family-friendly

**Feel free to also submit any previous work to showcase your talent.
For inspiration, take a look at past designs. Click here.

4. How to Apply?
Please email your submission to Esther Hanig at and put “Fluff Festival Design Application” in the subject line.

  • Submission Deadline: Sunday, April 30
  • Winner announcement/notification: Monday, May 15

Important note: Your submission will also represent your commitment to working with the Fluff team after the contest is over. If your design is accepted, you will be asked to adapt the design to fill all collateral and promotional materials from May until mid or late June.